Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sleeping Pills and Alcohol Can be a Deadly Mix

The worst thing that can happen to you is getting caught with a DUI because you drank a couple of beers and accidentally took them along with some sleeping pills, not realizing that they have serious interactions with one another. Sleeping pills and alcohol just do not mix well with one another and the end result can be more than just annoying—in can be actually deadly.

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant

It slows the body’s reflexes and makes you feel fatigued. It acts as a muscle relaxant as well and makes you snore louder than you’d snore if you didn’t drink alcohol. It causes obstructive sleep apnea, which can be dangerous because it causes you to stop sleeping during the night. And this is what alcohol can do to you all by itself. Things are much worse when you mix alcohol with other drugs, especially with sleeping pills.

Sleeping pills act a lot like alcohol and are a central nervous system depressant.

They are intended to relax your body, make you feel tired and make you feel the incredible urge to want to go to sleep. these pills are designed to give you at least eight hours of solid sleep and some sleeping pills have been linked to the “date rape” drug, a pill that makes victims sleep so soundly that they don’t know they’re being raped.

Sleeping disorders pills are profoundly strong medications and even one pill can impair your reflexes and make you interminably drowsy.

The mixture of sleeping pills and alcohol can be very bad

Both act on the same aspects of the brain and both depress the brain so that, when taken together, you have serious lack of reflexes, inability to concentrate and focus, problems with vision and muscle relaxation that is so strong, you cannot walk. You definitely cannot drive on the combination of alcohol and sleeping pills because you will be doubly affected by the combination of taking these medications.

Your blood pressure drops amazingly using this combination of medicines and alcohol and your body gets a reduced amount of oxygen. You can easily fall into a coma on the combination of drugs and for sure your driving is impaired, even if you haven’t taken in much alcohol.

You can have the function of your kidneys and liver be diminished if you are in a coma and you can die from respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest. This is why you should never mix alcohol and sleeping pills.

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